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Podfics are the fanfiction equivalent of audiobooks.

Here is a list of podfics created for fics recced elsewhere on this site:

  1. 4 Minute Window (series), by Speranza
  2. 20th Century Limited, by Speranza (E) - podfic by quietnight
  3. Ain't No Grave (series), by spitandvinegar
    1. The Needle and the Killing Done (M) - podfic by sallysparrow017
    2. Ain't No Grave (Can Keep My Body Down) (M) - podfic by GhostCwtch, podfic by GirlwithSwordandBow
    3. You're the Pants on a Roxy Usher (E) - podfic by sallysparrow017
  4. ain't really quaint, by silentwalrus (M) - podfic by quietnight
  5. All the Angels and the Saints, by Speranza (E) - podfic by RevolutionaryJo
  6. and from my knees grew flowers, by yasgorl (E) - podfic by sallysparrow017
  7. and we'll get married under the shining sun, by radialarch (G) - podfic by reena_jenkins
  8. a bicycle built for two (series), by lazulisong
    1. give me your answer do (G) - podfic by reena_jenkins
    2. it won't be a stylish marriage (G) - podfic by reena_jenkins
  9. Boeuf Mystère, by galwednesday (T) - podfic by quietnight
  10. buachaill sciobail, by silentwalrus (unrated) - podfic by quietnight
  11. A Bullet in the Barrel of Your Best Guy’s Gun, by gwyneth_rhys (E) - podfic by reena_jankins
  12. But we can try, by hetrez (G) - podfic by kalakirya
  13. cascades., by orange_crushed (M) - podfic by quietnight
  14. Ceasefire, by ipoiledi (E) - podfic by sallysparrow017
  15. Come To Morning, by emilyenrose (T) - podfic by sisi_rambles
  16. The Dead Forest, by hansbekhart (T) - podfic by sallysparrow017
  17. The Deep End, by emilyenrose (M) [Steve/Bucky/Natasha] - podfic by quietnight
  18. Dream of Caramel: or, A Recipe for Disaster, by gwyneth rhys (T) - podfic by reena_jenkins
  19. Drive It Like You Stole It: A Bodyswap, by AggressiveWhenStartled (E) - podfic by quietnight
  20. Every Tree that Is Pleasant, by spitandvinegar (T) - podfic by sallysparrow017
  21. an exceedingly mutually understood and well coordinated time, by Prim_Is_Amazing (M) [Steve/Bucky/Sam/Natasha] - podfic by quietnight
  22. Except It Abide in the Vine, by spitandvinegar (M) [various pairings, including Steve/Bucky] - podfic by sallysparrow017
  23. Fourth Floor, by dirtybinary (T) - podfic by Tipsy_Kitty
  24. Geriatric Road Trip, 2015, by what_alchemy (unrated) - podfic by Crazybutsound
  25. ghosts in the machine, by hollimichele (T) [Steve/Bucky/Peggy] - podfic by susan_voight
  26. Good Boy, by triedunture (E) - podfic by Kess
  27. Gratuity Included, by rageprufrock (series)
    1. Feast (E) - podfic by blackglass
    2. A Hole in a Stained Glass Window (E)
  28. Half of the History (We Shall Never Know), by Speranza (E) [Steve/Bucky, Steve/Bucky/Peggy, Steve/Bucky/Natasha] - podfic by quietnight
  29. Home Game (series), by 743ish
    1. A Home Game (T) - podfic by BrideofQuiet
    2. Come On-A My House (T)
  30. if they haven't learned your name, by silentwalrus (unrated) - podfic by quietnight
  31. I can't remember how this started (but I can tell you exactly how it ends), by gwyneth rhys (M) - podfic by kiwikero
  32. in cayenne and honey, in vinegar and lime, by Nonymos (E) [Bucky/M'Baku, Steve/Bucky] - podfic by quietnight
  33. Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail (series), by owlet
    1. This, You Protect (T) [gen] - podfic by DustySoul, podfic by AvidReaderLady
    2. Team-Building Exercises (T) [gen] - podfic by quietnight
    3. The Long Road Begins At Home (T) [gen] - podfic by quietnight, podfic by AvidReaderLady
    4. Truth, Justice, and the Cheating Cheater Way (T) [Steve/Peggy] - podfic by AvidReaderLady
    5. Upgrade: Advanced Happiness Skills (M) - podfic by quietnight
    6. A Chance To Try Bravery (M) - podfic by quietnight
  34. life is a history of absences (and unprepared returns), by magdaliny (G) [gen] - podfic by Tipsy_Kitty
  35. Love Letters, by stoatsandwich (E) - podfic by sallysparrow017
  36. M is for Murder, by rohkuetta (M) - podfic by quietnight, podfic by Lucifuge5
  37. Memorabilia, by ipoiledi (E) - podfic by sallysparrow017
  38. Memory, by emilyenrose (T) - podfic by quietnight
  39. Mistake on the Part of Nature, by idiopathicsmile (T) - podfic by majoline, podfic by avcay and sallysparrow017
  40. Murder Burgers (series), by dirtybinary
    1. time to kill (T) - podfic by annapods
    2. Reichenbach (T) - podfic by accrues
  41. The Night War: 60th Anniversary Edition, by praximeter (T) [gen] - podfic by quietnight
  42. Not Easily Conquered (series), by dropdeaddream and WhatAreFears
    1. A Long Winter (M) [Steve/Bucky, Steve/Peggy] - podfic by ShannonXL
    2. The Thirteen Letters (M) [Steve/Bucky, Steve/Peggy] - podfic by wolveheart
    3. Not Easily Conquered (M) [Steve/Bucky, Steve/Peggy]
  43. Out of the Dead Land, by emilyenrose (E) - podfic by quietnight
  44. Practical Mathematics, by Grey_Bard (T) [various pairings, including Steve/Bucky] - podfic by sisi_rambles
  45. Proprietary Information, by notlucy (E) - podfic by AvidReaderLady
  46. the prosecution rests, by dirtybinary (T) - podfic by quietnight
  47. Reciprocity (series), by osprey_archer (E) - podfic by iwillnotbecaged
  48. sam deserves better than these assholes (series), by lazulisong and verity
  49. side bitch out of your league, by rohkeutta (T) - podfic by dapatty, KD-art (KDHeart), litrapod (litra), and Lucifuge5
  50. Sparked Up Like a Book of Matches, by Sena (M) - podfic by quietnight
  51. Summer Don't Own Me No More, by Nonymos (E) - podfic by sallysparrow017
  52. tezeta (nostalgia), by vowelinthug (E) - podfic by quietnight
  53. The Ties That Bind, by Odsbodkins (E) - podfic by RsCreighton
  54. Tiptoe Through the Tulips, by notlucy (M) - podfic by quietnight
  55. To Be Modified As Necessary, by ignipes (T) [various pairings, including Steve/Bucky] - podfic by greedy_dancer, podfic by exmanhunter
  56. Too Long We Have Tarried, by kototyph (E) - podfic by quietnight
  57. warm blood (feels good, i can't control it anymore), by notcaycepollard (E) [Bucky/Sam] - podfic by quietnight
  58. The Way Out Is The Way Down, by Speranza (E) - podfic by quietnight
  59. we miss being ruffians (series), by napricot
    1. they're gonna send us to prison for jerks (T) - podfic by quietnight
  60. What We Asked For From Each Other, by Speranza (E) [Steve/Bucky, Steve/Tony, Tony/Bruce] - podfic by Podcath
  61. Where the Need is Greatest, by Niitza (T) - podfic by quietnight
  62. Whip Crack, by Quarra (E) - podfic by madnads
  63. winter wheat, sunflower peat, by newsbypostcard (M) - podfic by quietnight
  64. with the lights out, it's less dangerous, by victoria_p (M) - podfic by aethel
  65. The Wolf, by ipoiledi (E) [Steve/Rumlow] - podfic by sallysparrow017
  66. Workplace Hazards (series), by AggressiveWhenStartled
    1. Steve Rogers' Dad Face and Other Common Hazards (T) - podfic by quietnight
    2. Steve Rogers' Perfect Ass and Other Workplace Dangers (T) - podfic by quietnight
    3. Bucky Barnes Fucks His Boss, And Other Challenges Of Command (T) - podfic by quietnight
  67. You Can Hear It In the Silence, by waldorph (T) [gen] - podfic by blackglass, podfic by Dr_Fumbles_McStupid
  68. You Just Had To Make It Weird, by IAmShadow21 (T) - podfic by quietnight
  69. you'll remember mercury, by dirtybinary (T) - podfic by sisi_rambles
  70. Your Kind of Idiot, by dirtybinary (T) - podfic by quietnight


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