My Marvel Shipping Wall

From Steve/Bucky Recs

A shipping wall is simply a list of favorite (or sometime not-so-favorite) ships for a particular fandom. I'm a multishipper, so I have a fairly big one. See also: Marvel Ship Guide

Marvel ships I love

Marvel ships I like

  • Steve/Thor
  • Bucky/Natasha - my Bucky/Natasha Fic Recs
  • Sam/Natasha
  • Sam/T'Challa
  • Sam/Maria
  • Clint/Natasha
  • Peggy/Angie
  • Tony/Rhodey
  • Tony/Rhodey/Pepper
  • Tony/Bruce
  • Tony/Bruce/Pepper
  • T'Challa/Nakia
  • Carol/Maria

Marvel ships I'm curious about

These ships sound like something I might like, but I haven't read much (if any) fic for them

  • Steve/Wanda
  • Steve/Maria
  • Bucky/Clint
  • Jessica/Trish
  • Matt/Foggy
  • Frank/Karen
  • Natasha/Pepper
  • Natasha/Maria
  • T'Challa/Eric
  • T'Challa/M'Baku
  • America/Kate
  • Billy/Teddy
  • Carol/Valkyrie
  • Carol/Okoye
  • Valkyrie/Okoye
  • M'Baku/Okoye

Ships I read but don't ship

Sometimes I read pairings that I don't ship because a summary caught my eye, other times I'm in the mood for a certain dynamic

Ships I'm Indifferent To

I don't like or dislike them and don't usually care if they show up in the background, but wouldn't seek them out either. Notice any patterns?

  • Wanda/Vision
  • Scott/Hope
  • Thor/Jane
  • Peggy/Daniel
  • Peter/Gamora
  • Clint/Laura

Ships I Dislike

These were ruined by terrible execution in the films. Do better, Marvel.

  • Steve/Sharon
  • Bruce/Natasha

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