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Looking for Avengers: Endgame fix-its? Got you covered!

Welcome to Steve/Bucky Recs, my site dedicated to the friendship and love between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes!

As of May 2020, there are more than 50,000 Steve/Bucky fanworks on An Archive of Our Own alone. That's daunting, to say the least. I created this site to help newbies and experienced fans alike find the best Stucky fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, and more. With that goal in mind, I've done my best to highlight a mix of both popular and lesser-known fanworks, so I hope there will be something new for everyone.

You can browse my recs for:

If you're looking for great recent Steve/Bucky fics, check out my Steve/Bucky fanfiction timeline, which lists fics by month completed, and take a look at my current WIP subscriptions.

This site is perpetually under construction, but it currently contains more than 300 fanfiction recs by more than 150 different authors, more than 20 fanvid recs, and hundreds of fanart recs to get you started. Be sure to check back often for new additions!

Recently Added Fanfics

The ten fanfics most recently added to this site:

  1. thick and thin 'til our last days, by defcontwo (G)
  2. Slow and Splendored, by eyres (M)
  3. a road less traveled, by Claudia_flies and zilia (E)
  4. Cat Nap, by galwednesday (T)
  5. The Kinder Thing, by stele3 (M)
  6. Day after day, year after year, by verzacefatale (T)
  7. I'll hold on a little tighter (maybe you'll stay the night), by GlitterCake20 (E)
  8. deep dive, by Deisderium (E)
  9. Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, by crinklefries (T)
  10. if you're looking for jesus (then get on your knees), by voxofthevoid (E)


In addition to my Steve/Bucky fic, vid, and art recs, I've also included some extras, including:

Multishipper Disclaimer

Steve/Bucky is my OTP, and most of the fanworks I've recced on this site are true Steve/Bucky slash that involve Steve and Bucky in a romantic and/or sexual relationship.

However, I am a multishipper, so you can also find a small selection of:

  • fics and art with Steve/Bucky as the main pairing, but other pairings as past, side, or background pairings
  • gen fics and art that focus on one of them without the other
  • gen fics and art that treat their relationship as platonic (listed as Steve & Bucky rather than Steve/Bucky) or leave the nature of their relationship ambiguous
  • OT3 and OT4 fics and art
  • fics and art with Steve/Other or Bucky/Other as the primary ship

If you're strictly OTP about Steve/Bucky, make sure you check the tags and descriptions.

Copyright Disclaimer

Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and friends are owned by Marvel. This website is purely for entertainment purposes and no profit is being made by the creator.

Warning: This site contains links to explicit content and content that may be upsetting or triggering for some people. Do not click Explicit (E) rated links if you are under 18, and read the tags, warnings, summary, and notes carefully before proceeding if you have specific triggers or squicks. Additional disclaimers